Our Approach

Learning by doing.
And re-doing.

Our first step was to set up a MiTek Modular Laboratory to test the best way to build a versatile volumetric module. We started with no preconceived solutions. We experimented. We collaborated. We fell short. We tried again—the result: a working prototype of two connected modules built smarter than any that had come before.

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Our Innovations

the inventors.

True innovation requires more than the ability to move forward from where we are. It also means the willingness to start from scratch. MiTek software engineers, structural engineers, material scientists, and designers deconstructed modular to make barrier-breaking advances in portability, interconnection, safety, and speed. These innovations are about more than the physical components of the module. They also streamline and rethink the processes of design, manufacturing, transport, and assembly.

Our Vision

Creating a world that is ready for modular.

For modular construction to be an easy choice and not just a good one, the entire construction landscape must be enabled for modular—far beyond design, manufacturing, and construction. Mainstreaming modular requires systematic effort and collaboration with partners across the ecosystem. MiTek Modular will forge connections and establish best practices with lenders, insurers, municipal agencies, inspectors, safety certifiers, regulators, and more, paving the way not just for our company but for anyone who chooses modular.

Eco System

The MiTek Modular Industry Ecosystem

Our initiative will engage with every stakeholder in the industry because each one can contribute to the reimagining of the modular process—and each one will benefit.

Our Team

Starting with expertise on every front.

MiTek is a global provider of innovative construction-based software, services, and engineered building solutions—for commercial and residential construction—and has partnered with Danny Forster & Architecture (DF&A), the world’s leading team for modular high-rise design. This partnership allows MiTek to utilize DF&A’s modular design expertise, which has been developed through innovative and award-winning projects, and DF&A’s reputation as an educator and thought leader on modular construction. MiTek has aligned significant resources with DF&A’s breadth, depth, and vision to fulfill the promise of modular construction.

About MiTek
MiTek is a platform innovator and enabler that exists to transform the building industry with better building solutions. MiTek delivers software, services, engineered products, and automated solutions that enable the building industry to leverage off-site building methods. With 5,500 team members worldwide, MiTek collaborates across the building industry to accelerate transformational breakthroughs in off-site construction. Learn more at mii.com.

About DF&A
Founded in 2007, Danny Forster & Architecture (DF&A) is an award-winning, multi-faceted architecture firm. DF&A works collaboratively with its clients to make great spaces that work—for occupants and owners alike. Specialties include modular design and innovation, high-rise hospitality, high-end urban residential, and master planning. Founder Danny Forster is an architect, producer, speaker, and expert on a modular design. Learn more at dannyforster.com.

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